Lights On: Inside Sylvia Chan’s Peranakan Home-Office Shophouse

Sylvia Chan needs no introduction, having been a huge part of the Singapore digital media scene for nearly a decade. As a multi-hyphenate – the co-founder, talent and CEO of Night Owl Cinematics, it came as no surprise that her new home, a conservation shophouse, would double up as a home and co-working space for the NOC team.

Since the space doubles up as an area for both work and play, it is crucial that it serves as a conducive environment to get down to business, while also serving as a respite from the bustling city. This is where 3000K Warm White lighting steps in, the lighting temperature featured on AEON products. 


Typically, an office space utilises 5000K Cool Light to create an ideal space for productivity and focus, but in the long run, this can be harsh on the eyes, a problem specifically highlighted by Sylvia. With this in mind, the 3000K Warm White light of the Halo Track used to illuminate Sylvia’s shophouse hit the sweet spot, fulfilling the lighting needs of the space used for both work and relaxation.


Learn more about Sylvia’s experience in transforming a conservation shophouse into her home and co-working space. 


What would you say were the biggest sources of inspiration when it came to designing your home?

I wanted a simple design in order to let the original heritage-style architecture of the shophouse shine through. 


How involved were you in the designing and development of your home? 

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly involved with the process. I mostly left it up to my interior designing team, Rezt + Relex, to design a space that would fit into a Modern Peranakan theme.

The original architecture of the house featured a lot of wood accents to create a cosy environment. It is mostly furnished with wooden furniture, fixtures, and finishings as well as biophilic design to tie into the theme. 


How is lighting a factor when it comes to your home’s decision?

My priority was to have a space that’s bright. Of course, in a co-working space, having lights that are ideal for productivity was a must, which included lighting that wasn’t too harsh. Design-wise, I wanted my lights to be inconspicuous and minimalistic. 

Cozy interiors supplemented by warm lighting courtesy of the Halo Track.
Designed by Rezt + Relax


What made you choose a shophouse as your home?

I’ve always wanted to live in a shophouse because it reminds me of my Peranakan roots. As a nod to the culture, I picked out a variety of Peranakan-style tiles used to pave and decorate various areas of my home, such as the entrance, and upstairs bathroom.

I also wanted a more well-rounded space, one where I could work and meet my clients, hang out with friends, and call home at the same time.


How did you separate your home into areas for work and relaxation?

I actually managed to integrate both aspects into every space of my home. For example, while the main living space is the main co-working area for meetings, it can also be used as a place to relax and watch TV after work. Similarly, the kitchen-cum-dining area can also be used as both a team gathering place and hang-out spot.


What is a unique feature about staying and working in a shophouse that you really love?

I love the high ceilings and old-school designs of a shophouse. The high ceilings really give the illusion of space, my entire house feels much more spacious.

Work and play in the same area with the Halo Track's versatile 3000K Warm White light.
Designed by Rezt + Relax


Is lighting an important factor in your work and how does it play a part to help create ambiance yet functional for work?

Lighting is extremely important. I like natural lighting, however, I have sensitive eyes, so if the light is too glaring I will start seeing light circles. That’s why I find dimmable lighting options to be fantastic. 

The Halo Track luminaires installed throughout my home are extremely functional— their warm colour temperature makes sure that my eyes are unaffected despite their sensitivity. They’re also great for productivity thanks to their high CRI (Colour Rendering Index).


What made you pick Sol Luminaire/ the LAB2.1 to illuminate your home? 

Through word of mouth from my colleagues. My colleagues gave me fantastic reviews of their professionalism. I like how flexible the products are too since they have a rotatability function to throw the light in any direction.


Tell us about your favourite Sol Luminaire product.

I pretty much used the same luminaires throughout the house— the Halo Track. I love how efficient and how functional the lights are for daily use.

The design of the Halo luminaire is unique, which I love, and it’s pretty flexible and complements well with natural daylight. opted for the Halo Track as it was also the easiest to install for my home.


Signature design elements of the Halo and Halo Mini series that makes it so well-loved include its concave finishing, architectural ring of light outlook, and flexibility. The Halo series also boasts a high CRI rating of 90.



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