Lights On: Stella Ng, Singer & Songwriter, Sets the Stage for Harmony at Home

Stella Ng, local Singer and Songwriter, invites us into the heart of her home, where inspiration flows from the deep roots of family and artistic expression. From lush greens to the meticulously chosen artworks curated by her husband, Stella's space is orchestrated with love, creativity and warmth. Drawing parallels to her musical process, she unveils how every detail, like notes in a melody, contributes to the harmonious composition of her living space.

You have a beautiful home. What was your inspiration? 

My inspiration has always been from my family, creating a space that has elements of what they love. My husband is big on collecting art, so you will see that our home is decorated with artworks that match the vibe of a particular space. 

We love the colour green and you’ll see a lot of that in different shades. We have the balcony area painted emerald, our booth seating upholstered in a dark sage green and we have lots of greenery throughout our living space. 

My son and I love having a huge table for arts and crafts and we also bake cookies. That’s why you see that our dining table is massive and multi-purpose. We use it for meals, crafts, work and it's also used as a kitchen island. 

Has the idea of “home"Home is a place of rest and peace for me."” changed for you when you were a kid to being a super mom? "Home is a place of rest and peace for me."

Home is somewhere that grounds me, nourishes me and recharges me. It's a place where I can feel totally at ease and a place that's full of love and memories. I am blessed to have grown up in a happy home. It has held the same meaning for me since I was a kid till now. I look forward to coming home every day. It’s a place of rest and peace for me. 

Do Sol Luminaire Lights contribute to your dream home? 

I love how sleek the Sol Luminaire designs are. Lighting can make or break a home’s interior design, and Sol Luminaire’s lights elevated my interior design.


Key things you’ve learnt throughout your light planning journey.

Always invest time and money in good lighting design. When renovating, many people deprioritise the importance of lighting. Good lighting design can elevate your interior design and create different desired moods for day or night. Good lighting design can also help you save on electrical bills in the long run.

Does your role as a musician or creative influence your home environment?

I think it does. I think about the spatial flow like musical notes running on the piano keys. It has to sound and look beautiful, effortless and seamless.  

Any exciting event you are anticipating in your new home?

Oh yes, I can’t wait to welcome our baby to this new home.


Who would you love to host at your home? 

I would love to host volunteers who have given their time and energy to help the elderly, needy and homeless. I would love to cook for them and make them a hearty meal.


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