Lights On: Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu’s Home Is A Modern Organic Retreat

Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu has a seemingly endless list of achievements. She’s a five-time Paralympics gold medallist, world record holder, a nominated Member of Parliament, and founder of the swimming school Apex Swimming. But even one of Singapore’s most decorated athletes needs a place for respite just like the rest of us, and her new modern organic home is where her heart is.

Today, she lets us in on her inspiration behind her private retreat, her favourite luminaire, and what she has learnt through her journey as a Paralympian.


How would you describe you"Home is a soft, safe space where I can come back to a relaxing environment after a long, tough day."r new home, and what was the inspiration behind its aesthetic? "Home is a soft, safe space where I can come back to a relaxing environment after a long, tough day."

Modern Organic. I wanted a space that was peaceful and slow, to feel like I was away on a holiday when I came back home.

Most and least favourite parts about the renovation process?

My favourite part was conceptualising the look. My least favourite part was trying to coordinate all the different parts of the job.

Which is your favourite room and why?

The living area. The space is very comfortable and peaceful, and it’s something I can come back to that's aesthetically pleasing and quiet from the noise of the world.

Have our lights contributed to the ambience and comfort of your home?  

Being dimmable really does contribute to the ambience and set the mood.

How was your experience picking out the lighting fixtures?

It was quick and seamless especially when I knew that I was with experts.

Which is your favourite Sol Luminaire light?

My favourite light definitely has to be the Gypsum Boba. It fits into the space so well, especially when I want a natural look. The curves perfectly blend in.

What does being a 5-time Paralympic champion mean to you?

It means a great deal to be able to have the support and energy to still be at the top of my game for myself and Singapore after all these years. The support I receive from everybody around me is precious and I want to be able to contribute back and make an impact on society.

Could you share the top 3 life lessons you’ve learned through your journey?

  1. Keep a positive outlook
  2. Surround yourself with people that bring you joy
  3. Take deliberate, consistent actions every day

How do you maintain resilience in the face of challenges?

Remember that there are so many things one can do to take you one step nearer to your goal, so I don’t dwell on things I have no control over.