Meet the Game Changer in Lighting

Designing your home is a huge project. We’ve all found ourselves in that situation: Getting lost in the wide selection of longitudinal lights available in the market, and none that we really want to vibe with. Which is why the downsized Line Mini is set to be a game-changer with its petite

In terms of form, it is now smaller, slimmer and better. A 25% reduction in size results in an ultra-modern longitudinal fixture that streamlines within your false ceiling at a minimum depth of 50mm*, allowing the addition of negative space in spatial environment. 


Experience a 50% increase in visual comfort with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of only <9 and reduced glare. All that precision in a smaller case compared to its Line predecessor.

The new Line Mini is downsized in form and upsize in function.


With Line Mini Adjust functionality to tilt up to 45-degrees,  Wall Washing activities are easily achieved.


The icing on the cake? It is compatible with selected smart homes system and comes with all the precisions that we’ve been known for – 3000K warm white light and a high CRI of 90. Available in 6 variations in black or white*.



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