Meet the Team: Celebrating the Women of Sol Luminaire

The lighting industry has been one of the more male-dominated fields. In Sol Luminaire, our female team has been our key players in building an essential team. Though they may come from different backgrounds and take on very different roles, these three women have one thing in common — that they keep the gears behind Sol Luminaire turning with their paramount contributions, providing the high-quality service and experience that Sol Luminaire has come to be known for.

Meet the Women of Sol Luminaire: Pui Sze, Shevonne, and Sheena.

As a Senior Lighting Designer who creates digital drawings and design layouts, Pui Sze’s passion for art and art research fuels her creativity. Similarly, Lighting Specialist Sheena’s love for craft helps her hone her eye for art and design, as she comes up with creative solutions for clients’ lighting plans. Meanwhile, Shevonne, Sol Luminaire’s Sales Executive, takes to retail therapy to unwind, and seek inspiration from fashion boutiques.  

Get to know Pui Sze, Sheena, and Shevonne, as they share their personal experiences at Sol Luminaire.


Tell us more about your role at Sol Luminaire

Pui Sze (PS): I’m Senior Lighting Designer at Sol Luminaire, I support the sales team on lighting plans and proposals, turning hand-drawn sketches into digital drawings and full design layouts. I work on DIALux to ensure that every lighting proposal reflects accurately on our lighting products. 

Sheena (S): My role as a Lighting Specialist is to guide and share my knowledge of lighting to my clients based on their individual requirements. I work on Autocad to provide digital lighting plans for my colleagues and clients. With my clients, I will educate them on choosing the right CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) that best fulfills their needs and interior design themes, then I move on to suggest suitable lighting fixtures. I provide a detailed gallery walkthrough to be further elaborate on the effectiveness of every lighting product and how it benefits them.  

Shevonne (SH): As a Sales Executive at Sol Luminaire, my role is to educate and advise clients on their lighting plans to help them achieve their ideal home. To further understand every clients’ needs, I take into consideration their daily tasks. The showroom is helpful for clients to better visualise how our lights, and how it does wonders to a space!


Pui Sze, Sol Luminaire's Senior Lighting Designer, creates visual representations of Sol Luminaire's product range via DIALux software and designs layouts for proposals.


What got you interested in the lighting industry?

PS: Joining the lighting industry was unexpected. Previously, I did not think much about the everyday uses of lights. After joining Sol Luminaire, I realised that lighting goes beyond its basic functions, it can serve as a gorgeous statement piece for a home when the right lighting is chosen. 

S: My past experience in interior design has shown me the importance of good design within a house in which lighting is an integral part. I have come to experience firsthand the impact good lighting can have on a home. Lighting affects the entire ambience and the mood of every space. Conversely, poor lighting can have adverse effects. 

SH: Initially, I thought that lights were just lights. Now, I see lights as tools that play a huge role in interior design to create the right ambience and mood.


As a Sales Executive at Sol Luminaire, Shevonne provides clients with invaluable advice on how to achieve their desired home ambience with their lighting plan. 


How has your experience been working in Sol Luminaire so far?

PS: I learned a lot more about CRI (Colour Rendering Index), CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), and the performance of beam angles. Working on DIALux taught me the importance of accurate visual representations during the planning stage, to ensure that the completed interiors will appear exactly as intended, and to prevent unexpected lighting issues. 

S: I’ve gained more exposure and learned about the lighting industry in relation to interior design. The feedback I get from my colleagues and clients gives me the drive to help new homeowners build their dream space.

SH: I previously worked in the beauty industry. To be honest, entering the lighting industry was a challenge for me, as I had to learn the ins and outs of lighting technicality and design. What keeps me motivated is the value and experience I am able to give to my clients.


Sheena, Lighting Specialist at Sol Luminaire, uses her experience in interior design to provide insights and advice on integrating lighting into a client's home.


What do you like to do in your free time?

PS: I’ve always loved drawing since young, but haven’t had the chance to for a while now. I also love reading and jogging in the evenings, and doing art research online. I also started listening to podcasts when the pandemic started.

S: My hobby is to work on art and craft, especially scrapbooking. I like to watch movies too, I am a big fan of horror movies!

SH: Retail therapy helps me to relieve stress! I always spend my weekends with my family. 



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