Meet The Team: Sol Luminaire’s Back-of-House Team, Momin & Aminul

Ever wondered who are the people who keep things running at Sol Luminaire? What happens at the backend of the operations team will directly affect the front-of-house customer service. And we have counted on this duo heavily for almost a decade to deliver seamless on-the-ground installations and product deliveries.

Meet brothers Momin and Aminul, who are responsible for building and fostering the essential Sol Luminaire experience that you have all come to experience and enjoy. Momin and Aminul are typically known as men of few words when you first come to meet them, but as they warm up to you, their cheerful personalities will instantly brighten up the room. 


In this instalment of Meet the Team, we chat with them to find out more about their dreams, their experiences living in Singapore and what it is like to be a part of the Sol Luminaire family.


Meet brothers Momin and Aminul, who have been working behind-the-scenes to keep things at Sol Luminaire running seamlessly.


“My dream has always been to build a house in the capital back home”, shares Aminul.


Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Aminul (A) : I was born in Bangladesh, and finished my secondary education before coming to Singapore when I was 23. I have been in Singapore for 15 years, and have been with Sol Luminaire for 7. Before my position here, I was previously working in the construction sector as a septic supervisor for 6 years.

Momin (M) : I have been in the company for 8 years. Previously, I worked as a rigger signalman for 2 years before coming to Sol Luminaire. After getting a position at Sol Luminaire, I brought Aminul in after 2 years.


Do you enjoy living in Singapore?

A: I like Singapore’s culture, and that there are a lot of things to see around the island. Singaporeans are very friendly, I have had good experiences and met very understanding people, even strangers, particularly the younger generations.

M: Singapore is a friendly country and it feels like my second home. Sol Luminaire treats me like I’m a part of their family, and I feel very welcomed here.


Was it always your plan to come to Singapore to work?

A: Our plan was always to come to Singapore. We have a cousin who worked in Singapore, who would always tell us about the country, the culture, its people, places, and jobs, so we learned more about Singapore that way


Momin and Aminul have been part of the Sol Luminaire family for nearly a decade.


Tell us more about your role at Sol Luminaire.

A: I am an operation supervisor, handling all the delivery preparations, servicing and on-site installations.

M: I work as technical supervisor assisting deliveries and handling technical work for the company.


You both have been in the construction industry for more than a decade. Share with us your ambition and dreams.

A: My dream has always been to build a house in the capital back home, to share with my brothers and family. There are 7 of us siblings back home, 3 sisters, 4 brothers, and our mum.


Favourite things to do to unwind?

A: Usually on weekends I like to walk and cycle around Singapore, from Marine Parade to Marina Bay, Changi, and along the river and seaside.

M: I like going to Sentosa Beach, I usually enjoy viewing the scenery there with friends. I also like to watch action movies, cycle with Aminul and play sports.


What’s one thing you think you’ll miss in Singapore once you’re home?

A: I’ll miss Sentosa, because I’ll usually go there with my friends to play basketball. I’ll miss a lot of my friends here, too. I’ll miss the beach here. Even though we have one of the largest beach in South Asia, it hasn’t been maintained so there are a lot of safety issues. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, and it’s a clean city to live in.

M: I’ll miss durian, and other exotic foods.


Any plans for Christmas?

A: We like to meet up and celebrate by eating together with our friends. Cooking our favourite dishes together.

M: We enjoy cooking beef curry.

A: Sometimes we try different recipes and cooking different things. I like to cook steak.


The brothers feel like Singapore is their second home.



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