Meet The Team: Sol Luminaire’s Lighting Advisor Wei Jie On Lighting His Brutalist Home

Efficiently lighting a Brutalist-inspired home is no small feat, as the raw materials and stark shades command so much attention that it’s difficult to spotlight other interior features that are worthy of your attention. But for Wei Jie, one of Sol Luminaire lighting advisors, creating a lighting plan for his Brutalistic home was a walk in the park.

In this edition of Meet The Team, Wei Jie shares his expertise and how he managed to ensure his newly-renovated home is lit up just well enough to accentuate all the details. He also shed some light on where he got the inspiration from for his cool, contemporary home.

What were the most fun and challenging aspects of designing your home?

The most fun aspect, to me, was seeing our ideal elements of steel, concrete, and dark wood being executed into my new home. The duration of the renovation was the challenging part-- but besides that, everything else was great.

What are three words you’d use to describe your home?

Primal, contemporary & personal.

What’s your favourite spot at home?

Favourite spot of my home will be the dining island - that's where I eat & zone out.

Why did you choose certain lights for certain areas? What mood were you trying to create? 

I chose the ISA V3 mini as I wanted to specially focus on certain areas like the dining island and steel furniture, as well as give a wider light cast for my steel shelves. The main purpose of choosing the ISA V3 was to only highlight selected areas, and not flood the entire place with light.

Why did you choose a grey scale palette, and why the use of metal and concrete?

I am drawn to the subtle elegance of grey that’s the reason why my house is in a grayscale palette. I am an advocate for incorporating raw finishes in modern homes, as these materials gracefully age alongside us, forming memories through the inevitable cracks in concrete and the marks on stainless steel.

What was an interesting feature you incorporated in your home that most homeowners won’t?

The concrete platform for my bed is an unconventional choice that might not appeal to most homeowners. Nevertheless, I embraced it because it aligns perfectly with my design vision for the space.

How involved were you in the light planning? Did you break any rules were planning lights for your home?

I planned the lights for my home, I will say there's no rigid definition of right or wrong creative process. The key is to ensure that the lighting serves the purpose and resonates with what feels right for your home.

How did you choose the lights, and what were some things you were looking for when choosing them?

When I chose my lights, I was looking for something as flush and seamless as possible. Also, nothing too blinding, as I"Brighter is not always better. When used right, shadowplay has the power to enhance and elevate spaces with depth and dimension." was more keen on a narrowed light cast. From my experience as a Lighting Advisor at Sol Luminaire, brighter is not always better. When shadowplay is used right, it has the power to enhance and elevate the space, adding depth and dimension to the visual experience. "Brighter is not always better. When used right, shadowplay has the power to enhance and elevate spaces with depth and dimension."

Tell us more about your display of shoes.

My shoe collection is a blend of avant-garde and general street fashion, nothing too extravagant. I simply wear what appeals to my mood on any given day. Another pair of Rick Vans is on the way!

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

My favorite fashion designers include Rick Owens, Samuel Ross, and Tatsuro Horikawa. Their experimental approach and use of unconventional materials and silhouettes have influenced my home’s design.

Do you have any lighting tips for lighting up a Brutalist interior like yours?

In a brutalist space, the ideal choice is a compact and seamless lighting fixture, such as the ISA V3 mini trimless. This allows the focus to remain on the distinctive features of the space and its finishes.