Meet Voli — the Luminaire Characterised by Its Spherical Exterior

Modern meets contemporary chic, Voli is an illuminated sphere that attaches itself like an extension of the ceiling. The globe shaped light has a not so discreet appearance and draws attention to its unique profile.

Voli is also made up of two independent half spheres that can be rotated independently to direct light freely within the interior. It is available in four different models and two finishing – rubberised matte and texturised white*.

Voli Exposed in matte black. Photo courtesy of DISTINCTidENTITY.


Radiating a warm and intense light, Voli is perfect for couples who enjoys a comforting and intimate environment. The dim to warm function of the light imitates the colour of sunset when tuned down to its lowest with a dimmer switch.

Showcasing the tilting function and colour change from 3000K warm white to 2000K sunset colour temperature.


Voli is currently our series of the month, a monthly feature of what we are loving coupled with an exclusive offer just for you. Speak with our sales representatives and quote “VOLI10” this October for a special perk!

*Selected models only.



Our consultants will be available for physical and virtual appointments from Monday – Saturday. 

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