Nail That Jolly Christmas Setting With Luminaires That Sport The Dim-To-Warm Function

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas will soon be upon us, and our homes will be decorated with festive ornaments from beautiful wreaths to gorgeous trees with fairy lights swirling from the base to the tip of the star.

Fairy lights with their warm colour temperature are a great way to spruce up a household and make it a little cosier, especially when hosting our friends, family and whoever we hold close to our hearts. But we don’t have to bid adieu to this cosy setting when the holiday season is over, and the strings of little lights are coiled and put away for another year.

Consistent colour temperature lighting should be a staple in any home as it gives us the flexibility to change up the ambience as and when we wish. Sol Luminaire’s Dim-To-Warm models such as the Gypsum Boba and the Voli are equipped with the function to adjust the temperature from 2000K for that sunset glow to 3000K for Warm White lighting.

Aside from the nuanced illumination, the Gypsum Boba adds a groovy 70s touch that is also trending at the moment. The luminaire can be installed as a flush-mounted ceiling light or retrofitted with a concave facade that will immediately jazz up the home. 

On the other hand, the architectural design of Voli adds dimension and shape to any given space without compromising on the chic factor. This luminaire is made up of two separate half spheres that can be rotated to direct light within the interior. 

Lighting serves more than a mere tool that helps us read when the night descends. It can affect one’s mood and productivity as well. It is important to cultivate a safe space that will not only make guests feel comfortable but also memorable during special occasions with friends and family over meals, bingeing sappy Christmas movies or opening presents first thing in the morning.

Perhaps, with the Dim-to-Warm luminaires, we might not need to deck the halls with fairy lights to have that perfect Christmas setting.