Redefining Light With The Circuit.11, A New Slim & Versatile Modular Track System

As much as we wax lyrical about standalone lamps and lighting fixtures, the modular track system is one lighting solution that cannot be ignored. These versatile systems have transformed the way we illuminate our spaces by offering a dynamic and customisable approach as it allows for quick and easy adjustments and reconfigurations.

Enter the Circuit.11, a new modular track system. Not only can it house luminaires popular mCircuit.11 transforms spaces with modular flexibility and decorative lighting possibilities. odels like the Boba, Globula Line Mini and Ambient, but its modularity extends to creating layouts that can flow from the ceiling to the wall. This adds a decorative touch to what might otherwise seem as a functional lighting fixture. It can also offer homeowners the flexibility to switch up their spaces as and when they desire thanks to the adaptability of the Circuit.11. Circuit.11 transforms spaces with modular flexibility and decorative lighting possibilities.

The Circuit.11 has an ultra-slim profile that’s 11mm thin, letting it integrate into any design environment without looking out of place. It can be installed in a variety of ways, including surface-mounted, suspended, and recessed. Compared to traditional conventional magnetic tracks that can go up to 35mm, the Circuit.11’s narrower silhouette makes it sleeker with the potential to blend into its surroundings more.

There are also four iterations of the Circuit.11: R track, H track, U track, and trimless track.

What makes the R track stand out is its circular design with subtle curves to soften the visual harshness of the track whilst enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the track system. It’ll also fit in well with current interior design trends that favour softer, rounder, and organic shapes. Overwhelmed by options? The R track is available in convenient off-the-shelf bundles, including the track and your choice of lights, such as Globula, Boba, and Ambient, in lengths of 1.2m, 1.6m, and 2m.

On the other hand, the H and U tracks come in a more conventional rectangular shape. But the H track allows for the installation of lights on both the top and bottom sides of the track, letting you use uplighting along with downthrow lighting wherever you please. After all, layered illumination is all the rage today, and can enhance the ambience of any space through depth and visual interest.

The trimless track is exactly as its name suggests, an invisible integration for minimalist homes. The narrow trimless exterior allows for it to blend into ceilings and walls in a seamless fashion, appearing as a thin black strip that’s barely visible unless you’re looking closely. This option will also emphases the design of the space rather than distract with the lighting fixtures.

The Circuit.11 also requires only a singular lighting point, plus it has 1-10v dimming compatibility so you can enjoy seamless and flicker-free dimming.

You can preorder the Circuit.11 now at Sol Luminaire.