Sculpt Your “Fifth Wall” With The Gypsum Kit

The Halo Gypsum, Voli Gypsum Short, and Voli Gypsum Long in action at the Sol Luminaire showroom

Previously, switching things up around the house might have involved a simple rearrangement of your furniture or an arduous renovation process that would take weeks to complete. At both ends of the redecorating spectrum, both methods would definitely have their own pros and cons. However, with the Gypsum kit, a unique ceiling profile and lighting experience can be achieved, with a simple installation process that has proven to be relatively quick and easy.


The Gypsum kit’s installation process looks something like this:


The Gypsum kit is installed in a few easy steps.


Firstly, measure out the Gypsum kit’s boring size, then cut out the measured boring size, before assembling and inserting the Gypsum kit and bolting it on. Then, patch the area with putty and apply your desired paint finishing. Finally, install the light source after the paint has dried. Easy, right?


Thereafter, you are free to enjoy your new lighting experience, namely the added dimension created with the Gypsum kit’s elegant concave structure, and recessed outlook. Beyond that, the Gypsum series upgrades your lighting experience via its gentle curvature, helping to eliminate harsh lines caused by sharp corners found on standard downlights and ceiling structures.


The Gypsum Series adds an architectural quality to your home with its added dimensions and concave structure.


The Gypsum kit serves both practical and aesthetic functions, while boasting ease of installation, an easy upgrade for future homes.



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