Simple Ways To Transform Your Home Into A ‘70s Dream

It’s a blast from the past. The resurgence of ’70s decor has taken the world by storm in 2022 – appearing on Instagram feeds, TikTok and in celebrity homes. Based on Pinterest data, analysed by online platform Wethrift, searches for ‘‘70s interiors’ went up by 77 per cent this year. 

But why the sudden interest? Simply put, the disco decade brings a certain decadence to any given space while exuding an unbridled calmness at the same time. Homeowners can choose to go the avant-garde route or as mellow as they wish – possibilities are abundant.

Of course, with the limited space of Singapore homes, executing this aesthetic can be daunting. Here are some key elements that can help transform your home into a retro dreamscape.


Interiors shot by Human + Space

Think curvy, such as an arched hallway or nook, which will instantly draw your attention as it is seldom seen on our sunny island. The softer shape adds drama to a plain space while looking sophisticated at the same time.

The same can be applied with lighting. Our Gypsum Boba is a modern take on the boob lamp that was very mod in the ‘70s for its practicality. The round luminaire can be mounted on false walls or the ceiling providing a unique and minimalist sconce that will enhance the arches with its illumination.

Pictured above: Gypsum Boba series 

The devil is in the detail and texture is the key. Rattan furniture, marshmallow sofas, velvet upholstery, patterned rugs and geometric wallpapers will automatically elevate any room. Feel free to mix and match these elements to achieve a luxurious yet inviting space that guests would want to soak in.

Pictured above: Interior by A Blue Cube Design

But don’t just stop with the furniture, the Gypsum Boba can be retrofitted with a concave facade that changes this fixture into a decoration and a necessary light source at the same time. 

Last but not least, colours – earth tones such as chocolates, mustards and forest greens are quintessential hues of this iconic era. When used in tandem, this colour scheme will come off bold but grounding – maintaining the balance of the home.

Lights should also aim to do the same thing. Th"Gypsum Boba allows the user to adjust the dimness and the warmth to suit the decor, style and mood."e dim-to-warm feature present in luminaires such as the Gypsum Boba allows the user to adjust the dimness and the warmth to suit the decor, style and mood.  "Gypsum Boba allows the user to adjust the dimness and the warmth to suit the decor, style and mood."

While some of the design references might come across maximalist, it can be controlled with a few outrageous forms to act as the heroes. Remember, the ‘70s is all about being groovy and not chaotic.