Singaporean Homes That Show How The AEON Gypsum Elevates Their Interior Aesthetic

Lighting is one interior design element that can really make a home go from looking drab to fab in a flick of a switch. But apart from choosing the most complementary lamp design or ensuring your light’s colour temperature is just right, another way to take your home’s lighting plan to the next level is to ensure it's framed right. Enter, the AEON Gypsum Series.

Gypsum adds a recessed concave silhouette to frame each of your bulbs, further enhancing the aesthetics of your ceiling or wall by softening the harsh lines of traditional recessed lights. You might have seen it in action in various homes all over Instagram paired with luminaires like the Voli and Halo. For a better idea of how they look, here are some examples of Singaporean homes that show how subtly the Gypsum elevates a space.

The homeowners of this chic condo designed by Icon Interior made the call for dual Voli Gypsum light placements to be installed over their beverage counter in their dining room. This ensures that the entire space, including the gorgeous brown marble that they selected for their backsplash, will be illuminated evenly across the board.

Local fitness personality Limaran Agustina had the living room in her new home outfitted with multiple Voli and Boba Gypsum lights to ensure an even glow. They take up barely any real estate on the ceiling, and the soft recessed curves of the Gypsum kit give the space a unique elegance.


A more functional approach to the Gypsum is for task lighting and overall illumination combined. Case in point, this dining area highlights triple placements of Halo Gypsum — emitting warmth while bringing out the true brilliance of the marble countertop. 

The lights of local comedian and interior designer Kelvin Tan also feature the Voli Gypsums that have been purposefully directed to illuminate certain areas of his home. In lieu of a chandelier, the likes of which would take up too much real estate in an apartment, Kelvin designed a statement ceiling placement for his apartment's living space.