Sol Luminaire's Grand Reopening: 5 Must-See Product Launches

The Sol Luminaire and the LAB2.1 showrooms welcome a new era of retail experience at 395 and 399 Guillemard Road. The concept revolutionises the way we perceive and interact with light.

In our redesigned space, we've prioritised ease during your retail journey. Our showroom isn't a labyrinth of products but a sanctuary of calm, where you can explore our lighting solutions without feeling overwhelmed. We've broken free from the conventional retail setup, focusing on real-life apartment settings. Here, we've carefully layered lighting, adjusted brightness, and fine-tuned color temperatures to mimic the ambiance of your own space. Visualising your lighting plans is now effortless.

Boba Pendant

The Boba globe light ensconced within a ripple shade softens spaces with its undulating form and Dim-to-Warm glow. A peek into the undershade reveals a contrasting finishing, customisable in full steel, black/gold or black.

Boba Chain Pendant

Functionality dances in tandem with the decorative, sculptural nature of the Boba Chain Pendant. The Boba globe lights suspended by chains engage in a whimsical choreography, designed to encourage creative play. No composition is deemed off-limits.

Kepler V2

A masterpiece in the bedroom. The next evolution of the Kepler series — the Kepler V2 introduces the captivating Dim-to-Warm technology and seamless rotational functionality. Now enhanced with an intuitive touch sensor and the convenience of a USB Type C charging port.

Voli V2

Setting new standards — The Voli V2 defies conventions with an unexpected 80mm diameter. Retaining the same ceiling clearance and Dim-to- Warm and rotational capabilities, the refashioned series sports a trimless design, bringing an even sleeker aesthetic for contemporary spaces.

The Janus Switch by Futura of Futura Haus

A collaboration led by Futura by Futurahaus. Sol Luminaire lends its signature metallic finishes on the world’s first Metal Kinetic Switch — the Janus Switch. Made to work with the AEON series, the Janus Switch eliminates flickering and pairing issues, creating a seamless lighting experience within your interiors.


During consultations, you can use our showroom as a reference to bring your visions to life. It's not just a showroom; it's your space's future. Come, experience innovation, inspiration, and a whole new level of convenience at Sol Luminaire.