Sol Luminaire’s Top Stories of 2021

2021 was a year of collaborations, new releases, and surprises; from the launch of innovative new products such as the Isa V3 and Gypsum series, to the development and completion of numerous breathtaking projects alongside our industry partners. 

As we venture into a new year of design trends and technological advancements in the lighting industry, let’s take a look back at the stories and moments that defined 2021.

Sol Luminaire's exhibit at SIDFest 2021 showcased a cosy, inviting interior with the Isa V3 series and a decorative NEVO luminaire from a by arturo alvarez.


Staying Ahead Of 2021-2022 Lighting Trends With AEON's Mini Series

We started off the year with a topic for new homeowners to sink their teeth into -- highlighting the lighting trends of 2021-2022 that they could hop on. An informative list of how to stay ahead of the interior design curve with innovative AEON luminaires, such as the compact yet highly functional Mini series, as well as the customisable Gypsum series.

The Line Mini serves as a versatile luminaire for any space. Designed by Architology.


Lighting Tips To Improve Your Everyday Life

Beyond providing insights on how to stay ahead of 2021 lighting trends, we also highlighted timeless and practical ways to upgrade your lighting rig, in order to improve your everyday life. Learn how to transform your house into a home through transformative and adjustable lighting, and how to optimise your lighting setup for both work and play through the tips mentioned in the piece. 

Dimension is added through light and shadow once the curtains are drawn and luminaires are switched on. Designed by Arche.Interior


Sol Meets: Defining Contemporary Luxury Spaces With Mikael Teh, Founder Of Monocot

Lastly, our interview with Mikael Teh, the founder of Monocot, a local design firm that creates awe-inspiring spaces through a blend of material textures, design movements, and careful attention to detail. We spoke with Mikael on his inspirations, design philosophies, and more.

A welcoming study, created by mixing and matching different styles of lighting. Designed by Monocot, photographed by Studio Periphery.