Sol Meets: Artist Room, The Design Studio Behind Numerous Award-Winning Interiors

Founded in 2008, the award-winning interior design studio Artist Room has since made a name for itself amongst local firms for its contemporary designs that challenge spatial boundaries. Helmed by couple Mark Chen and Katy Chong, the duo cleverly combines functional design with aesthetics, injecting spaces with the clients’ lifestyle habits and personality. 

Stepping into a space designed by Artist Room, one can immediately recognise the studio’s signature style through a variety of ways — from the curation of materials and finishings, to the intimate feel of a home. Careful attention paid to the smallest of details, you’ll find that even the essential tools of living such as storage spaces are elevated.

In this edition of Sol Meets, we chat with Mark and Katy on interior design trends, functional design in character homes.

A Faber Drive home by Artist Room, illuminated by Halo, highlighting the carefully selected natural wood and marble textures.


Describe Artist Room's style. Where does your inspiration come from?

Our working style tends to favour a clean, streamlined, architectural feel. Our inspirations are from everywhere; from travels, books to observing our surroundings. From there, we apply our own design solutions to improve the functionality and aesthetics of a space.


We love how Artist Room designs with personalities in mind. How do you translate the homeowner's personality into a space? 

With each project, we spend a certain amount of time with the owners from the designing to the renovation process. The entire process gives us an insight into their needs, requirements, and liking of a space, which then guides us to have a clearer view of what can be proposed.

A modern space crafted with the Halo luminaire, matte black textures, and sleek storage systems, featured in an open-concept kitchen space designed by Artist Room.


Does light planning play a part in designing a cosy space? 

We think lighting plays a very big factor in the end result for a space; which sets the right tone of ambience and mood. 


You've designed intimate spaces for couples and split-level spaces for families. What are some of your favourite lighting products from Sol Luminaire that have helped achieve the homeowner's goals?

Our current favourite is ‘Voli’. We think that the lighting temperature is super! It gives a nice dimming effect, covering a natural sunrise to sunset feel. This gives the space warmth and a cosy ambience. We also like the designed outlook of Voli as well, as its spherical body creates a 3-Dimensional feel that does not overpower but instead complements the design of interior spaces very well.

Throughout our collaborations together, Sol Luminaire’s product range is what stands out. We like that the end products are well designed, have good quality finishings, and are very durable. Additionally, they feature lighting temperature settings or effects that are unique to them that not many have in the market.

A spacious interior crafted through expert spatial planning, and the Halo and Globula luminaires.


Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people interact with spaces. 

With the current pandemic, a lot of things have changed in our lifestyles. More homeowners are looking to have workspaces within their premises. In such situations, homeowners may find that they are unable to distinguish between spaces for relaxing and work. As designers, we tend to be more careful with the selection of materials, colours and especially space planning, in order to provide our clients with utmost comfort, and a proper segregation of space.


Interior trends or textiles that you see will emerge in 2022?

2022 will see a trend of homeowners favouring a more relaxed environment within their home spaces. Natural and more muted colour palettes and materials such as stone-like textures are favoured; as well as more greenery within the interiors.

The sleek Halo series is the ideal addition to modern homes.


Share with us one tip that homeowners can take away to make their spaces cosier for the festive season.

Adding dimmers within their home premises will give them the flexibility to create the right ambience and mood! 


Complete this sentence, "A home is a place ______"

(Laughs) ‘A home is a place where the heart belongs!'