Sol Meets: Creating Solace Amidst Fast-Paced City Life With LemonFridge Studio

The design world was swept up in a whirlwind of decluttering and minimalism a few years back, but what exactly does Scandinavian and minimalist design entail? No one does Scandinavian design quite like LemonFridge Studio, so we got Renee Lim of LemonFridge Studio to clue us in on just how she designs functionally minimalist living spaces that provide a zen utopia from the hubbub of Singapore’s city life.

A major tenet of Scandinavian design includes functionality, where living spaces double up as areas to work and play. Naturally, lighting is a major key player in making a home that does just that. As more people are working from home, “having a well-lit living space that is conducive for both work and home life is more important than ever before,” Renee shares.


But is it just as simple as installing a 1600-lumen bulb and calling it a day? Quite the contrary. “Less is always more” is Renee’s advice on lighting a Scandinavian-designed home.

Halo's high CRI of 90 ensures visual crispness when illuminated on. Pictured Above: Halo Trimless V2
Designed by LemonFridge Studio, Senior Interior Designer Jacinda


Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I work intimately with my clients to design their dream homes by helping them achieve their desired aesthetic and functionality that complement their lifestyles.


What is LemonFridge Studio known for?

LemonFridge Studio has always been known for its ability to develop a unique creative vision whilst working alongside our clients’ desires and needs. We are inspired by Scandinavian interior design, which is characterised by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. The result is a home design that has soft and pastel colours with a touch of character that embodies our clients’ individuality.


What constitutes Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian school of thought when it comes to interior design is based on the core tenets of minimalism, simplicity, and, most importantly, functionality. It is often characterised by a soft and neutral colour palette made up of a simple spectrum of grey, white and light wood tones. Scandinavian, Nordic or Muji-themed designs work especially well within the limited space in most Singapore homes. This minimalist approach creates a sense of peace, balance and rejuvenation at home, which offers a respite from the fast-paced everyday life in Singapore.


Has Circuit Breaker changed the way you design spaces?

Very much so! Especially since working from home is now the norm, having a well-lit living space that is conducive for both work and home lifestyles is more important than ever before.

Line is installed with Accent to create a luminous atmosphere. Pictured Above: Line - Accent
Line's discreet and micro-sized unit complements all interior themes. Pictured Above: Line
Designed by LemonFridge Studio, Senior Interior Designer Jacinda


Is lighting an important aspect of Scandinavian interiors?

Definitely! A well-lit space is important for any living space. With regards to Scandinavian-inspired lighting, we recommend multiple light sources such as pendant lights or floor lamps to create different luminous atmospheres as opposed to having just a single powerful light source that can be harsh and overwhelming. In this case, less is always more!


How have Sol Luminaire’s products help to achieve a certain mood or feel for your projects?

I love how I can achieve a well-lit home with the discreet Line series. It never fails to give any space an impeccably clean look and feel. Also, Kepler is also especially useful for a bedroom as it diffuses light on walls and provides visual comfort in an essential sleeping space.

The bed-side lamp provides adequate illumination and visual comfort. Pictured Above: Kepler


Which Sol Luminaire products would you recommend?

I would highly recommend Line for its discreteness in illuminating a home. It is able to fill up space without disrupting the overall design theme and is flexible enough to be used in different spaces ranging from minimalist to luxury homes.


Upcoming trends to look for in 2021?

In 2021, keep an eye on Japanese and Nordic design combinations. The Japandi or Wabi-Sabi style is essentially finding beauty in imperfections. When combined with rustic traditional elements and clean Scandinavian minimalism, it can make for a strikingly gorgeous home. Both styles work well in the space of a typical Singapore home.


Hacks for a clutter-free home?

Purge often! There is no better formula than clearing out stuff to keep your home clutter-free. Also, get creative with storage ideas! For example, invest in a good hydraulic-lift storage bed which is a fantastic alternative to store bulky items.



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