Sol Meets: Fusing Lifestyle With Contemporary Interiors with A Blue Cube Design

The pandemic has changed our lives and the way we want to live, which includes our homes. Gone are the days of purely aesthetic design, and we now strive for functionality and purpose as well. Enter A Blue Cube Design – a company that specialises in producing bespoke interiors, shaped by the owners’ lifestyle.

Of course, what does this truly entail? We got ABCD’s founder Averse Yau to unpack this, his design approach, and how lighting is a key player in his work. “Understanding is the key word to design the well-being of a home. One must understand the homeowner and their lifestyle to improve it.”

With years of experience under his belt, Averse has a well of knowledge that may change how we select what’s best for our abodes. “As experienced designers, we have to provide professional advice to the owner and help them understand the pros and cons of the materials used.”

Tell us more about A Blue Cube Design.

ABCD is a bespoke boutique design company with classically trained designers that specialise in interior design for local households. We believe that every single space is unique and requires designers to explore and give it new life.

Define ‘Modern Contemporary’. What are the elements or design aspects that make a home Modern Contemporary?

Modern contemporary is the current design trend. Our take on it focuses on design styling, lighting ambience and the design mood.

How does lighting come together in your design?

Nice lighting provi"Voli’s Dim-to-Warm is my all-time favourite and I like Halo’s light case."des layering to all my designs. It gives the space a different feel, with a different shade of ambience. "Voli’s Dim-to-Warm is my all-time favourite and I like Halo’s light case."

What do you look for in a lighting product?

I usually go for brands that are trusted for having good quality products. Sometimes, “normal” light has different consistencies of colour. In my experience, the wrong colour will be a design disaster.

Favourite Sol Luminaire products and why? 

Voli & Halo. Voli’s Dim-to-Warm is my all-time favourite and I like Halo’s light case. The sleek design of the rim makes it unique. 


Have your designs changed post-pandemic? 

Yes, I realised that user behaviour changes after some time, especially times like pandemic. We tend to design more ‘functional homes’ in interior design, for example, a “helper-free home” with smart controls such as smart lighting, smart dishwashers, smart washing machines and so on.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when shopping for lights?

D"Real minimalism requires special mechanisms to make it flush and sleek."o not only look for the lowest prices – look for the purpose of it. "Real minimalism requires special mechanisms to make it flush and sleek."

Give us an example of an overrated Interior trend.

Modern lux has been overrated by many companies or many online “gurus”. I have been told to use as much gold as possible or marble from some clients after they conduct their own research on the Internet.

What about an underrated interior trend?

Minimalism has always been underrated as the cheapest way to renovate a home. In fact, real minimalism requires special mechanisms to make it flush and sleek, and sleek furniture doesn’t come cheap such as nice lighting or luxurious materials – marble stone or anti-scratch laminate.


All interiors designed by A Blue Cube Design. Images taken by Human + Space.