Sol Meets: How Kandy Tan of Adroit Interior Establishes Positivity Into Homes

There’s no “one light fits all” lighting product that will address all your needs, and Kandy Tan of Adroit Interior knows that. The owner of the Singapore-based Interior design firm sees lighting as an essential form — the coexistence of natural light permeating through your spaces and artificial sources are integral in creating that perfect experience.

Kandy shares, “There are times where clients would want a different ambience for different parts of their homes. Hence, matching the right lighting to the ambience is quite crucial.” Her works are deeply influenced by her travels, weaving in colours and eclectic textures to living areas; you'll find that even corners of kitchens and bathrooms that most homeowners overlook are design-centric and eye-catching. 


Kandy reveals how her creative process and “whole lighting solution” perspective can bring hope and positivity into living areas.

Pictured above: Halo and Chloe


With its cement-encased exterior, the Thea light is a cult favourite amongst design-centric homeowners.


Why is lighting important?

Lighting is one of the essential points when creating ambience and they go hand in hand. Whatever the ambience you aim for would require a certain light setting to accomplish the targeted feel.


Is it essential?

It is one of the key important considerations when matching with the ambience you want to deliver to the client. Lighting is also one way to enhance the aesthetics of the client’s home.


Share with us your favourite design process.

Sketching is something I always enjoyed when designing for a client. It allows me to put my ideas into forms of draw outs where the latter also enhances my clients to visualise how the design would pan out.


Pictured above: Halo


What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from several forms. It can come from my daily walk in life, magazines, discussion with peers etc. However, one that I would want to highlight is that I acquire from my travelling. This exposes me to the various exquisite designs based on various cultures and societies.


What factors do you consider when designing a project?

Some of the key factors when designing would depend on; 1) the layout of the client’s home, 2) the areas where the sun shines into the client’s home, and 3) the number of family members of the client (i.e. different ages may have different preferences).


Pictured above: Thea


One piece of advice when it comes to planning lighting.

Never overlook shadow play. With light, there come shadows and both the latter go hand in hand. Hence, where the lighting is placed would be crucial that the shadow wouldn’t impact on the areas where you would want more light. 


How was your experience working with Sol Luminaire like?

It was fantastic as they have great expertise and are very well versed in the knowledge of lightings. It even goes down to the very specifics of the voltage, the amount of light to emit for a specific concept, the kind lighting design that would match with my project. It is a “whole solution” perspective.


How do you unwind after projects?

I would go for long jogs to relax as my tight schedules never allow me to do so.


What sparked your interest to enter this industry?

I have always had a thing for designing where I love to draw. Being in this industry now not only allows me to use my creativity but to put it on something where it would turn out on a physical matter.


Images credit: Adroit Interior



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