Sol Meets: How The Right Lighting Enhances The Creative Director’s Design Work

Light is as architectural as it is sculptural, and harmonises the objects and people within an environment. Ci En, Creative Director of interior design firm and carpentry studio Hock Hoon knows just that.

Growing up, a carpentry workshop was his playground and he was surrounded by traditional machineries, where the essence of design, like light and luminaires, is found in precision and craftsmanship.

In the first instalment of #SolMeets, we chat with Ci En on his upbringing, Japanese joineries influences, and the importance of light play.

Light affects... 

the spirit of the space. It evokes different ambience and emotions through the intensity of the light. The temperature and placement of the light also play a vital role in creating balanced lighting and glow on the finishes.


I believe well-thought-out space planning is defined by... a space that homeowners will interact with daily, with the consideration of their lifestyles and needs. I love working with small spaces. Their constraints challenge me to think hard to come out with new ideas and solutions.

Project: KAP Residence by Hock Hoon.
A Kepler light emits a soft, gentle glow to highlight the textiles' texture and accentuate the details in wood grains.


Pictured above: Halo V2


The tiltable and rotatable Halo V2 light is sleek and has a rim that gives off a soft glow. It works well in tiny spaces and allows the environment to look larger that really are. The Halo V2 is great for modern living in high-rise apartments like condominiums, HDBs and ECs.


Off-work, I often... 

watch videos on Japanese joineries used in Architecture and Furniture making. Since joinery is woodworking that involves joining together pieces of wood to produce more complex items, I'm fascinated by the high level of precision needed and often think about how to adapt traditional techniques in today's modern world.

Hock Hoon…

 was named after both my parents’ first name and it's more than a representation of my heritage – it reminds me of my upbringing and culture in Singapore. Hock Hoon's workshop space was also my playground and I messed around spent my childhood making toys.


The work space that Ci En spent his childhood messing around and making toys honed his skills.


​​Working in a family-run business... feels like home. You are familiar with the place and people. You debate with dad, but still learn from him.



plays a part in enhancing my work and shouldn't be overlooked. Light affects the spirit of the space; it evokes different ambience and emotions through the intensity of the light. The temperature and placement of the light also play a vital role in creating balanced lighting and glow on the finishes. Besides that, human scale and proportion to the architectural spaces are also often not a priority for homeowners and they should be. For example, catching the alignment of carpentry with the beam and columns, incorporating them into the design and exploring new possibilities within the spaces. It would be better if homeowners focus on those aspects.


My favourite light from Sol Luminaire is…

 the Halo V2. It is sleek and has a rim of light that gives off a soft glow. There are different ways to use it, and the option to be tilted allows for the flexibility to adjust the light cast.


Project: Botanique at Bartley by Hock Hoon.


Project: The Clement at Clementi by Hock Hoon.
The Halo V2 light is great for accentuating and illuminating tight spaces like corners or corridors.


My team enjoys working with the Sol Luminaire team…

Shevonne (Lighting Consultant) understands our intentions when it comes to execution of lighting plans in homes and is always able to provide advice and solutions for our clients.



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