Staying Ahead of 2021-2022 Lighting Trends with AEON's Mini Series

If you’re a homeowner-to-be in search of renovation ideas, or are just simply curious, here are some upcoming lighting trends of 2021 and 2022 that you might want to consider when coming up with ideas for your sanctuary.

Sleek, downsized luminaires like the Line Mini are slowly becoming the standard.

Sol Luminaire's exhibit at SIDFest showcased a cosy, inviting interior with twin luminaire placements


Light Layering

Sol Luminaire’s luminaires have surpassed basic functions. With AEON luminaires, ambience creation and shadowplay can be achieved with specific luminaire placement, such as with twin or triplet unit placements. Another way to achieve shadowplay is using luminaires with adjustable beam angles or rotatable functions, such as the Isa V3 Focus and Halo Mini Exposed respectively. With shadowplay and multiple lighting unit placements, more dimension and drama can be added to a space, preventing interiors from looking flat and washed-out.

The Line Mini provides sleek, minimalist lighting solutions for your interiors.
Designed by KDOT


Minimalist Lighting

When it comes to selecting downlights for your home, bigger may not always be better. While statement luminaires like those from a by arturo alvarez may enhance interiors, 2021-2022 lighting trends indicate that pared back minimalist downlights are the way to go. Sol Luminaire’s series of mini luminaires serve as the perfect option for such a trend, thanks to their reduced dimensions that aid in decluttering your ceiling line for an unobstructed look, without compromising on technological functions and output performance. Luminaires retain a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 90 and low UGR of <9 for minimal to no glare. The Line Mini does just that with its sleek design and lighting capabilities, sufficiently illuminating spaces from a downsized body. 


The iconic Halo Mini: Clean, Reductive Design & Efficient


New Facades

Creating extra dimension within your interiors is a recurring theme in lighting trends of 2021 and 2022, as creating new facades within your interiors is another trend to look out for. With Sol Luminaire’s latest release, the Gypsum series, your ceilings will receive an architectural update with the concave design of the Gypsum kit, which surrounds the body of each individual luminaire. The Gypsum series creates an easy way to transform a standard 2-Dimensional, flat ceiling into a unique feature that adds architectural charm to your interiors. Beyond that, the Gypsum series can be painted over to match ceiling finishings, for a seamless and customised experience that can only be achieved with the kit. Its straightforward and simple installation process ensures a hassle-free renovation experience, something that modern homeowners will appreciate.


The Voli Gypsum Long, part of the recent Gypsum Series release from Sol Luminaire, adds visual interest and an architectural flair to your interiors



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