Switch on Bright Ideas With The Isa V3

Get one step closer to building the home of your dreams with Sol Luminaire’s latest generation of luminaires, the Isa V3 — the series and its variants that provide increase visual comfort, clean ceiling profile and customisable kits.

With the Isa series’ reduced diameter, lowered required false ceiling clearance of 90mm - 120mm depending on the product, there will be no need to compromise on your interior design plans in order to accommodate for clunkier luminaries.


The Isa V3's reduced dimensions


Through constant innovation, Sol Luminaire has managed to achieve a reduced Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of 2, while maintaining a high CRI of 95/100 and lumen efficiency (83lm/W), thanks to its upgraded Chip-on-board (COB) which also ensures product longevity. All from a luminaire with a diameter of 62mm. 


The 13-watt Isa V3 and Isa V3 Trimless luminaires also feature a wider tilt angle and a wider beam angle of 36 degrees, while the Isa V3 Focus (8W) variant features adjustable beam angles that can be controlled at 15 degrees,  24 degrees and 34 degrees. This means flexibility in light distribution within your space.


*Table showing comparison values of Isa V2 (2018) and Isa V3 (2021)

The Isa V3 (Square) fitted with the Gold Funnel and White Recess Kit
The Isa V3 features interchangeable recess kits and funnels


Besides improved illumination functions, the Isa V3 series allows homeowners and interior designers to exercise their individualism and add character into any interior themes with the addition of interchangeable recess kits in Black and White, and a selection of funnels in Black, White, Gunmetal, and Gold to mix and match with.


Your ability to customise with the Isa V3 extends beyond the appearance of your luminaires, as the 13W models, Isa V3 and Isa V3 Trimless, are equipped with Dim-to-Warm functions, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your lighting for ambience creation from 3000K Warm White to 2000K Sunset Feel.


Be the first to experience the luminary prowess of Isa V3 ahead of its official launch at our showroom at the end of April.



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