The Award-winning Luminaire Brand that Blends Illumination and Art

Founded by Spanish artist Arturo Alvarez, a by arturo alvarez has been creating luminaires that evoke emotions, while balancing innovation and exploration with materials for 25 years. This philosophy has led the brand to receive multiple awards, such as Interior Design’s Best of Year Award, the Good Design Award, and Red Dot Award, amongst others.

Designed by Arturo Alvarez himself, each luminaire is handmade with the award-winning material Simetech® that was developed in-house, which allows the typically-resistant steel to become malleable, creating a natural, unique finish for each piece. 


The NEVO series places emphasis on the beauty of curves.


Customising your a by arturo alvarez luminaires is also encouraged— you may choose to have your luminaire coloured in the desired Pantone shade of your choice for a truly bespoke experience to go with AEON’s customisable downlights.


Your ability to customise extends beyond that, as different luminaires from different series can be mixed and matched in a singular canopy to form artistic and nature-inspired lighting installations.

Grouping variants from the ONN series 


By itself, each piece is a sculptural work of art, balancing organic shapes with cutting-edge Simetech® material. When illuminated, this is taken to the next level, thanks to the luminaires’ shadowplay features. 


Pockets of light emit from gaps in the Simetech® mesh, simultaneously casting shadows that exemplify the organic forms of the luminaires. The luminaires provide a one-of-a-kind ambience that effortlessly accentuates interior spaces when illuminated. 


The FLUO series of sculptural luminaires has been awarded with Good Design award


Make an appointment to view the pieces and experience emotional lighting at the end of April, exclusively at the LAB2.1



Our galleries will adhere to a maximum capacity of 10 or less pax at all times in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Our consultants will be available for physical and virtual appointments from Monday – Saturday. 

Sol Luminaire is located at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399791. the LAB2.1 is located at 399 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793.