The Basics of Ambience Creation

Light plays a critical role in illuminating your interior space. From the stylish pendant or statement lamps to the current trend of minimalist designed low-glare lighting, how you illuminate your home can transform the character and ambience of your living areas. Here are some insights of how you can better light up your home to create the perfect retreat.

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Top: A mix of overhead lighting including Globula Track lighting and Globula Square Double recessed down light, accompanied by the integration of LED strips underneath the stairs to provide a gentle illumination.

Light placement

A well-designed space requires the right illumination to enhance the look and feel of the interior. A perfect composition of lighting ambience requires a good balance of several light sources that blends well together. This includes light that are general to task oriented and if you are feeling extra fancy, throw in an accent or decorative light within the space


When you are choosing light sources for a room, it is important to consider the function of the light, the size of the room and the scene setting you envisioned to create the perfect mood. Try experimenting with a mixture of overhead light source to complementary LED strip lighting that enhances the vibe of your space.

Top: Line Adjust 20 in matte white with a high CRI value of 90 illuminating an art piece at the Sol Luminaire Gallery.


Knowing what’s CRI

Now we’re getting a little technical here – in order to draw out the true colour attribute of your interior and furnishing elements, it is essential to take note of the CRI (Colour Rendering Index – ranging from a value of 0 – 100) of your chosen light source. A high CRI will effectively portray and render the colour and finishes of your interior more effectively while a low CRI value will cause unnatural colour rendition.


Setting the mood

It is not just the design of the light but the light itself that can create a different ambience. Integrating the majority of our lights with dimmable function, we allow users to switch from a bright and lively interior atmosphere to a cosy and relaxed vibe.

The scene setting selection can be enhanced with our series of lamps that has dim to warm function – tuning down the colour temperature from 3000K warm white to 2000K sunset.


Check out some recommended lights for your home interior integrated with the dim to warm feature.

Left to Right: Globula Square Double in Chrome Gold, Voli Exposed and Privy V2



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