The Beauty Of Innovation: Makhno Studio’s Award-winning Tetrapods Are A 3D Marvel

Innovative designs that are both practical and beautiful bears repeating. The Tetrapod tiles by Makhno Studio definitely falls into this category. 

The three-dimensional tile has a sophisticated design that is modelled after the large, multi-ton tetrapods found near the oceans that help to break the powerful waves crashing into the shore or other architectural elements such as bridges. 

These scale-down versions by the Ukrainian brand have clinched the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and we can see why. 

The concrete exudes a natural look but it’s the eye-catching design that takes the cake – when laid with one another the rounded edges fit snuggly with one another, creating a perfect accent wall that will uplift any given space. 

Of course, seeing is believing. Head down to Galerie 5 to witness the Tetrapods in action.