The Best of 2023 & What To Expect In 2024

It’s hard to believe that 2023 has already come and gone. Last year was a huge year for us here at Sol Luminaire, where we introduced the Boba series of luminaires and ushered in a new era for our showrooms along Guillemard Road. But as much as we want to look back on all the great moments of 2023, we also have to look forward to what lies ahead in 2024.

If you’re considering upgrading the lighting in your home, or perhaps are just curious as to what Sol Luminaire has to offer, here are some of the most sought-after AEON products and how you can incorporate them into your sanctuary to ensure it always looks timeless.

Isa V3

One way to make your home look effortlessly chic is to make the most out of recessed lights like Make the most out of your interiors with recessed lights like the Isa V3the Isa V3. The luminaire can seamlessly integrate into a ceiling, giving any space an elegant and sleek flair. The recessed aesthetic also makes your room appear visually bigger, without any bulky fixtures that would protrude and distract from the minimalism. Make the most out of your interiors with recessed lights like the Isa V3

You also shouldn’t let the small silhouette of the Isa V3 fool you. Beyond its primary function as a luminaire, it also has several editions, including a trimless version that ensures it blends into your ceiling seamlessly. The beam of the Isa V3 can also be adjusted so it focuses on an object of your choice, making it perfect for art collectors out there who need to illuminate their collection.

The Gypsum series

Since its release, the Gypsum series' signature smooth, seamless look has maintained popularity amongst homeowners.  Featuring a luminaire nestled within its concave recess, the luminaire series elevates interiors with subtle architectural accents and an immaculate finish.

The series saw a new ornate addition to its lineup in 2023, the Ripple Gypsum, outfitted with the Isa V3 luminaire. Taking cues from historical adornments, this instalment to the series features cascading undulations, a subtle yet captivating accent to grace your ceilings.

The Boba series

One of the breakout luminaires of 2023 is the Boba series. The globular light that resembles the pearls in bubble tea has quickly become a household staple with its organic yet whimsical silhouette. Its versatility in where it can be used - hung from the ceiling, mounted on walls, and installed on statement lamps - makes it a highly desirable luminaire for homeowners who want a unique aesthetic in their homes.

Two new Boba looks were also recently added to the collection: the Boba Pendant and the Boba Chain Pendant. These editions give the Boba lamp an edgier vibe that will fit well into homes with a contemporary or industrial design. You can also expect more decorative and statement Boba editions to be announced in the coming year.

Lighting styles to look forward to in 2024

With all that said and done, being in touch with the latest lighting trends is also important to keep our homes looking timeless and trendy rather than dated and obnoxiously bright. And if 2023 was the year of organic and bulbous-looking luminaires, 2024 will be the year of softer lighting options that have a nuanced glow.

Luminaires like the Boba and Isa V3 with their dim-to-warm function will help you achieve that softer illumination in your residential spaces easily.

Keep an eye out for upcoming expansions to our Sol Luminaire catalogue-- the first step to achieving your dream home this year!