The Kepler V2 Brings A Touch Of Celestial Elegance Into Any Room

In the world of lighting design, where form meets functionality, the Kepler V2 emerges as a celestial masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the graceful transitions of a solar eclipse. As the latest iteration of the Kepler series, the luminaire not only retains the iconic eclipse-inspired design but also introduces innovative technologies that redefine the way we illuminate our spaces.

At the heart of the Kepler V2 is its design philosophy, which gracefully mirrors the gentle graduations of a solar eclipse. This celestial inspiration is eviKepler V2 adds a touch of sophistication to any space where it is placed.dent in every curve and contour, transforming the lamp into a work of art that adds a touch of celestial elegance to any room. Compared to its predecessor, the Kepler V2 features a brushed metal finish achieved through electroplating. This meticulous detail not only enhances the luminaire’s appearance but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space where it is placed. Kepler V2 adds a touch of sophistication to any space where it is placed.

One notable addition to the Kepler V2 is that it has an additional USB-C charging port, offering users an efficient way to charge their devices if their lamps are by their bedside. The touch sensor integrated into the chassis allows for seamless control over the lighting ambience. Paired with Kepler V2's integrated Dim-to-Warm technology, users can opt for a soft soothing glow at 1800K, to a warm and inviting radiance at 3000K with just a touch-- creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

The Kepler V2 goes beyond traditional lighting solutions with its remarkable flexibility. The lamp can tilt up to 90° and rotate a full 355°, allowing users to direct the light precisely where it's needed. As an added bonus, the lamp features an inbuilt discreet reading light at a 40-degree beam angle, catering to various lighting needs.

Check out the Kepler V2 at the Sol Luminaire showroom at 395 Guillemard Road today and speak to any of our lighting specialists to find out how to integrate it into your home seamlessly today.