The latest from Spanish artisanal brand a by arturo alvarez, exclusively at the LAB2.1

Viewing a luminaire from a by arturo alvarez is akin to viewing art in a gallery, from the visually stimulating appearance of each piece, to the unique shadows cast by them, to the moods evoked by such pieces. Seeking to add to that experience, the LAB2.1 is introducing two more luminaires from the artisanal Spanish brand to their lineup. 

Introducing the two latest offerings from a by arturo alvarez, TATI and AGASALLO, emotion-evoking luminaires that establish ambience within your spaces. 

A pair of TATI pendant lamps create a statement piece that lights up any room.


The moment you lay your eyes on TATI, your eyes are immediately drawn to the organic textures that cover the entire body of its rounded carapace, creating bumps and caverns that resemble the natural formation of mountains and valleys. When illuminated, light gently seeps through the painted stainless steel mesh, working alongside the texture and contours of the luminaire to cast unique shadows and manipulate light within your interiors.


TATI comes in a variety of different styles, from wall sconces to pendant lamps, homeowners have the luxury of choice to choose from a range of pieces to accentuate your interiors with. 


The TATI wall sconce manipulates light and shadow.


a by arturo alvarez has also released a brand-new line of contemporary pendant statement luminaires, named AGASALLO. Designed by Valencian designer Hector Serrano, AGASALLO’s silhouette is modern and refreshing, resembling a gift. This is no coincidence, as AGASALLO means “gift” in Galician, a nod to how AGASALLO is a gift to the senses with its ability for ambience creation. 

AGASALLO means "gift" in Galician, a gift to the senses
AGASALLO's gentle illumination serves as a warm welcome for your interiors


The AGASALLO range comes in four sizes of pendant luminaires, which can be combined in a variety of ways according to your whims, to create the perfect statement piece.


View the TATI and AGASALLO luminaires for the full experience, launching soon at the LAB2.1 gallery.



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