The Latest from Spanish Designer Luminaire Brand a-emotional light: LEA and INN

Known for its experimental range of luminaires that push the boundaries of design and light, the LAB2.1 is expanding its product range to include two new luminaire series from Spanish brand, a-emotional light, previously known as a by arturo alvarez. 

Introducing LEA and INN, a pair of pendant luminaires crafted through experimentation, geometry, and the evolution of the a-emotional light brand. 

Contrast is crafted through a combination of matte black accents against an a-emotional light staplethe textured surface of painted stainless steel mesh.



To commemorate change and their new stage as a-emotional light, the team of designers behind the Spanish brand created INN, a luminaire which highlights beauty within. 

Painted stainless steel mesh is pleated and manipulated, forming a bell-shaped pendant luminaire. Hidden within these folds is a ring of smooth black stainless steel, a stark contrast to the texturised mesh that surrounds it. 

A statement luminaire that explores light manipulation through a blend of organic and geometric forms, INN can be utilised as a standalone piece to create an atmosphere or theme of a space, or be incorporated into larger-than-life compositions that blend art with light. 

LEA mixes geometric elements with soft curves to create a piece that's truly unique.



Emotions, the interpretation of spaces, the simplicity of forms and their purity are all parts of Rafa Alonso's approach to creation. A “I wanted to build something special, that children would feel like it was a magical place...” - Rafa Alonsonew designer to a-emotional light, Alonso’s inspiration for LEA stemmed from his experience and vocation as a teacher. Taking the shape of a star, the whimsical luminaire represents the role of a teacher, who guides his students and illuminates the way.  “I wanted to build something special, that children would feel like it was a magical place...” - Rafa Alonso

Crafted from the brand’s signature materials of painted stainless steel mesh, LEA allows specks of light to escape through gaps in the mesh, creating clusters of sparkles reminiscent of a blanket of stars in the sky. 

Visit the LAB2.1 at 399 Guillemard Road and view our a-emotional light installation to gather inspiration for your own luminaire compositions. 


A closeup of LEA's textured surface, which resembles twinkling stars in the night sky.