The New Halo Mini: Clean & Reductive Design

When it comes to incorporating interior design trends into your home interiors, minimalism is a hot favourite. To achieve a clear and clutter-free look, sleek fixtures that do not compromise on function and versatility are a must.

Pictured: A new variant to the Halo series, Halo Mini Exposed Twins, illuminating spaces with its soft architectural ring of light

This is where Halo Mini steps in — the embodiment of minimalism and discretion, Halo Mini is a leaner, micro-sized upgrade to the existing Halo series.


Compared to its full-sized predecessors Halo Exposed and Halo Track, the size of the Halo Mini and Halo Mini track has been reduced by 20%, fulfilling a compact and discreet look that contributes to decluttering of ceiling visuals.


Smaller in size but greater output and performance — the Halo Mini Exposed and Tracked models at 9W, are fitted with an upgraded COB LED from its predecessors, previously at 10W,  which produces the same Lumen output as its predecessor.


Fewer lighting points will be required to illuminate and attain ample illumination to match preferred brightness levels while maximising Lumens Per Watt efficiency, which also adds up to achieving a greater sense of space.


Like Line Mini, Halo Mini boasts a reduced Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of <9, with zero compromises on Colour Rendering Index or Correlated Colour Temperature (CRI/CCT) values from the existing Halo Series. This means lighting that’s gentler on the eyes, for even greater comfort that is especially crucial during long nights.


*Table showing comparison values of the Halo Exposed (2017), Halo Mini Exposed (2021), Halo Track (2017), and Halo Mini Track (2021)


Halo Mini retains its 90-degree tilt and rotatable function, allowing a range of movement for wall-washing techniques.


The series will be available to view in the Sol Luminaire showroom on 8 February 2020.




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