The New Lighting Series that Hits the Bullseye for All Interior Spaces

Whether a space feels inviting or cold lies in the way you plan and choose your lighting. Look around...are your lights giving off harsh illumination or do they have the ability to radiate a romantic, ambient glow?

Introducing PiRsquare, the LAB2.1’s newest collection of wall and pendant lamps that checks all the boxes for homeowners and designers looking for lights that embody style, sophistication and functionality.

The PiRsquare line embodies style, sophistication, and function.
Pictured above: the 25W_6A/ALMN.Pendant Light and 25W_6B/ALMN.Pendant Light.


PiRsquare is designed with a monochromatic colour scheme, complementing retreat-esque furniture and the soothing colours of Scandinavian, Muji-Style and Wabi-Sabi themes, to name a few. Lovers of maximalist interiors will find that the PiRSquare series makes an understated statement when hung above island counters or against a patterned wall.


Beyond aesthetics, the PiRsquare lighting mechanism is a work of art in itself. When the sun sets, we’re left with artificial lighting to mimic natural lighting indoors. This is where the tiered disc system comes in— a frosted glass baseplate is designed to reflect light rays, radiating the play of lighting and ambient flow. The layered lighting outlook contributes to an overall scene-setting which sets a cosy, coastal atmosphere.


Like all other products from the LAB2.1, the PiRsquare series of luminaires comes in limited quantities, ensuring utmost exclusivity for homeowners without compromising on finishing. Combined with its minimalist design, this undoubtedly means that Pisquare will be able to withstand the test of time as your favoured home lighting companion.

The PiRsquare's frosted baseplate reflects light rays, illuminating your home while establishing the perfect cosy atmosphere.
Pictured Above: The 6A/ALMN.Wall Light Series.


The PiRsquare line has one more trick up its sleeve— it offers two different styles of illumination, the 18W_6A Series that plays with reflective illumination, and the 18W_6B Series that utilises direct diffusion to illuminate spaces.


Interested in taking your home interior to the next level? Book an appointment with our lighting specialist to learn more about the PiRSquare line.



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