The Newest Tile On The Block: Makhno Studio’s Tetrapod

Award-winning ceramics brand Makhno Studio prides itself with creating products revolving around contemporary Ukrainian style while intertwining nature and futurism as well. The newest one to hit our shores through Sol Luminaire is the Tetrapod, which won “The Best of the Best” award from Red Dot Design in 2019.

The inspiration for these 3-dimensional tiles is derived from practical tetrapods used under bridges and piers to bolster the earth from the destructive power of the waves from the ocean or floods.

The handcrafted tiles add a unique flair to any surface with its unconventional shape and size. Also, say goodbye to gout lines as Tetrapods are laid specifically to eliminate unnecessary and unsightly gaps. 

Our Tetrapods are available in a cream colourway and they can also be used for any outdoor spaces that could use some TLC or to create a sculptural art piece to tie the decor together. Oh, and no fret, installation is just as simple as any regular tile. 


View Tetrapods at Galerie 5, 50 Craig Road.