Sol Meets: The Orange Cube Reveals Expert Tips In Designing Envy-Inducing Homes

The Halo Trimless V2 performs wall washing functions to highlight feature walls.
Pictured: Halo V2
Designed by The Orange Cube

One of the most crucial aspects of transforming your house into a home is working with designers that understand you. Balancing design trends with practical home solutions is no easy feat, but local interior design firm The Orange Cube makes doing just that seem like a walk in the park.


With years of experience and expertise under their belt, The Orange Cube has established themselves as one of the more sought-after interior design houses locally for luxurious, modern simplicity interiors, enhancing spatial experiences with quality materials and excellent workmanship.


Design directors Karen Bohn and Chris Koh are also known for their attention to detail, down to the choice of luminaries that affect the ambience of a home. Their advice for homeowners? When designing for modern spaces with sleek finishes, luminaries that complement the overall aesthetic and do not draw attention away from interior decor are paramount. The design duo shares Halo and Line series as their favourite luminaries,  sharing 'the linear slim profile of Line extremely versatile and discreet, making it a perfect match for many different types of homes and interior styles.'


How exactly does the right luminaire transform a home? Karen and Chris clue us in on the ins and outs of home design and creating ambience creation for your homes.

Halo illuminates spaces via a soft ring of light, a cosy addition to any home.
Pictured Above: Halo V2
Designed by The Orange Cube


Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Karen (K): I have had 11 years in the field of interior design. I started out as a sales designer and became a director in 2018.

Chris (C): I have spent 16 years in the field, and became a director in 2010.


How would you describe your dream home?

C: A space with good views, good vibes, and good neighbours. Our design philosophy can be defined as modern simplicity, with an emphasis on quality finishes.


The Orange Cube is known for its luxurious and modern interior themes. What defines a luxurious and modern space?

K: A luxurious space is defined by the quality of furniture, materials, lightings and finishings that look good, and last. Meanwhile, a modern space requires well-thought-out space usage, in order to meet the lifestyle needs of clients, including versatile spaces that can double up as areas for work and leisure.


Is investing in quality lighting important?

K: Understanding lighting brightness and temperature will bring out the best ambience for users interacting in the space.


Any particular favourites from Sol Luminaire’s lighting collection?

K: The Halo series is evergreen and modern. It brings out the best of our clients' furniture with its warm white lighting. Powerful yet not overpowering.

C: Line. The slim linear profile is extremely versatile and discreet, making it a perfect match for various homes and interior styles.

Overhead illumination can also be achieved with the Halo luminary.
Pictured Above: Halo Trimless V2
Designed by The Orange Cube


Do you have any tips for homeowners looking to transform their forever homes?

C: Invest in space-saving furniture or renovations, don’t skimp out on quality materials, and make use of plants to freshen up your spaces.


How would you envision homes to look like in the next 10 years?

C: I think that many homeowners will incorporate smart home technology to improve the quality of life, be it for security or convenience.



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Sol Luminaire is located at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399791. the LAB2.1 is located at 399 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793.