The Underrated Lighting Trick That Adds Dimension To Your Home

Already know your home lighting? Take it a step further by adding dimension and drama to home interiors with a simple lighting trick called Shadowplay. 

Pictured Above: Thea. Designed by KURO+ KAGI


Just what is shadowplay, anyway? The answer is pretty straightforward— it is the reverse of beam play which involves strategic planning of luminaire placement to create pockets of light amidst shadows. This results in a more dramatised home setting and prevents interiors from looking “flat”, something that can happen with consistent coverage lighting rigs.


Achieving shadowplay, luminary placement is key. By widening light-to-light distance and utilizing the luminaire's tiltable function, homeowners can play around with the effect of shadows and achieve shadowplay. 


Additionally, looping various luminaries in different zones to toggle switches can provide the homeowner with the flexibility to control the lighting in various zones of the house. For example, looping a set of living room lights and dining room lights to a 2-gang toggle switch,  will provide more flexibility as compared to a 1G toggle switch.


Pictured Above: Buster + Punch's 2G Toggle Switch in Black

Casting A Spotlight

Pictured Above: Thea 


Draw attention to design details and statement decor in your home by casting a spotlight on them. Spotlight-esque shadowplay is best achieved with luminaries with smaller, more precise beam angles, such as Thea or Isa, to ensure that only the desired areas will be illuminated, adding an element of drama and focus to your interiors. 

Bigger on the Inside 

Pictured Above:  Isa Soft Trimless V2. Designed by ASOLIDPLAN


Struggling with space issues? While your lighting rig might not be able to alter the square footage of your home, having the right set up sure can create the impression of roomier interiors. Utilising shadowplay gives an illusion of space within the home by adding dimension and variation within your space. 


At-home Art Gallery

Pictured Above:  NEVO by A for Arturo Alvarez, coming soon to the LAB2.1.


Your lighting set-up can take on much more than just a practical function in your home. Transform your interiors into a contemporary art space with the addition of shadowplay, and luminaries with interesting lampshades that cast unique shadows, such as A for Arturo Alvarez's sculptural lamp covers, available soon at the LAB2.1. After all, who says that you can only view art in an art gallery? 



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