The World’s First Designer Led Light Bulb Has Landed

The world’s first designer LED light bulb draws inspiration from the tradition Edison filament bulb. With an E27 base, it can be used as a direct replacement for standard screw-thread incandescent bulbs.

A Hooked chandelier created with several Buster + Punch LED light bulbs. Available at the LAB2.1

The Buster Bulb

A resin light pipe encased in a teardrop-shape glass creates crisp, clean quality light. These patented white fins allow ambient light to diffuse through the sides of the bulb and reflect down the centre of the pipe, where it exits as a spot light. Fully dimmable and at 3000K to provide a soft, flattering ambient light.

At 5W they consume just 1/20th of the energy of a conventional incandescent and last over 7 times longer, making it an eco-friendly choice over traditional bulbs.


The Buster Bulb (above) is made of glass and comes in Smoked and Clear finishing.


The Buster Bulb Tube

The Buster Bulb Tube is available for users who prefer something more tubular. Similar to Buster Bulb's output but made with Polycarbonate with crystal resin finish to mimic glass.


The Hooked Series

A complementary lighting pendant range inspired by motorcycle culture that matches the brand’s proprietary Buster Bulb and Buster Bulb Tube invention. The pendant light’s holder comes in three versions – Brass, Smoked Bronze and Steel to instil a sense of elevated grunge into your homes and spaces. The 2.6m adjustable rubber cord allows user to personalise the drop.


Pictured above: Hooked 1.0 in Steel with Buster Bulb.


Pictured above: Hooked 3.0 in Brass with Buster Bulb.


Pictured above: Buster Bulb Tube.
Experience the lighting installation at the LAB2.1 or shop online here.



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