There’s More To These Than Meets The Eye

If you haven’t caught up with these London-born label accessories from Buster + Punch, you’re missing out on these aesthetic upgrades.

Buster + Punch electricity collection in Brass finishing

Exclusively available at the LAB2.1, Buster + Punch diverse range of eye-catching electricity collection doesn’t just bang on its detailed diamond-cut knurled finishing.


Dimmer switches available in 1G (Rated at 230 - 240V, 50Hz per gang)


An often-overlooked counterpart, dimmer switches are as important to set an ambience of your own, but you have probably been warned of flickering nightmare issues.


Unlike conventional leading-edge dimmers designed for incandescent lamp with a relatively high minimum load, Buster + Punch default trailing-edge dimmers are constructed to handle low powered LED light source, such as from Sol Luminaire.


With a low wattage operation range from 5W to 120W, it’s built to ensure a smoother dimming control and the absent of buzzing noise.


Toggle switches available in 1G, 2G and 3G (Rated at 10AX, 240V)


Not forgetting the essentials, Buster + Punch 2-way toggle switches are tested to withstand a consistency of 20,000 cycle clicks, allowing you to emit a consistent vintage rocker click sound without softening the toggle mechanism.


Working with alloys such as brass and steel, they’re coated with Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) layer to prolong oxidation, while the standard matt black and white finishing are powder coated.

Sockets available in 1G, 2G (13 AMP switched) and 2G with USB (13 AMP, 250V switched)


Fitted exactly to conventional back box depth of 47mm, Buster + Punch sockets are designed to match with the switches aesthetically, with the optional convenient type A USB input.


Browse through the Buster + Punch collection here, or fix an appointment with our lighting specialist for a walk through.



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