Transformative Luminaires to Inspire New Spaces

Achieve optimal brightness and ambience creation by combining different styles of luminaires, like pairing the ONN pendant lamp with the sleek Line Mini.
Designed by The Lome Interior

Planning your space, paintings, plants, and other trinkets may seem like the obvious choice to add flavour to your interiors. But sometimes, you just need some extra oomph: something that is eye-catching and makes a statement, without taking up too much space. This is where decorative luminaires come in.


First, always swap out bad lighting fixtures especially if you’re moving into a rental flat. Make it your own by pushing the boundaries beyond standard interior downlights.  Opt for statement pieces instead such as the SiO2 series from the LAB2.1. The SiO2 pendant luminaires feature a sleek, streamlined design, while exuding modern charm that would make it right at home within any contemporary-designed space. Another option would be the BaCO3 series— whether you opt for the pendant or standing variant, BaCO3 luminaires add a sense of modern luxury and class to any room. 

Combining the modern and minimal aesthetics of the BaCO3 and Isa luminaires.
Designed by The Local INN.terior


Alternatively, check out artisanal luminaires from Spanish brand a by arturo álvarez for a centrepiece that connects you to nature with its organic forms and patented material technology. a by arturo alvarez is available exclusively at the LAB2.1 in Singapore, ensuring utmost exclusivity. The cherry on top is that each a by arturo álvarez piece is hand-sculpted by artisans, meaning that no two luminaires are identical — the perfect piece to express your individuality.


Highlight feature spaces like your dining area with statement pieces like the ONN pendant lamp, complemented by LED light strips and Line Mini downlights.
Designed by ARKHILITE


If there’s one thing to note, however, it’s that less is more. In spaces such as HDB apartments or condominiums, placing too many statement luminaires will clutter the area Instead, choose a focal point, such as over a dining or coffee table, and place a singular statement luminaire.


When illuminated, a statement piece hung over a dining table can pull dining areas in focus, while floor lamps situated near a sofa can illuminate a room at night without the need for downlights. And that's how you can achieve ambience creation. 

The angular Line Accent, complemented by the modular design of the Blok V2.
Designed by KURO+KAGI



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