Upgrade Your Lighting Rig with Twin and Triplet Units

When it comes to illuminating your interior space, the usual practice involves placing single units at regularly spaced intervals. Sure, while single-placement luminaires get the job done, utilising twin and triplet units is where the fun really begins. 

Enjoy the soft illumination cast by the Halo units.
Designed by Archetype Studio

Normally, with single-placement units, your interiors will be illuminated via a uniform wash of light, fulfilling the basic function of a ceiling light. However, with twin and triplet units, you may opt to experiment with the unit’s rotatability and tilt functions, as well as beam angles, to create additional depth within your interiors. 


The way that it works is that by adjusting the beam angles of your twin or triplet units to focus on certain focal points of your interiors, these areas are directly illuminated while other areas are illuminated via gentler, diffused light. This creates an effect known as “shadowplay”, which simultaneously adds dimension and drama to the space. 


Add some drama to your interiors with the Isa series of downlights.
Designed by Architology


With Sol Luminaire’s series of downsized lighting fixtures (such as the Line Mini, Halo Mini, and Isa V3), the worry of having a cluttered ceiling due to multiple luminaire placements will be nonexistent, as these luminaires all boast a reduction in body size, which ultimately creates a sleek and unobstructed ceiling line. 


Besides creating shadowplay and dramatic lighting via unique lighting placements, the Isa V3 boasts a dim-to-warm function that allows you to adjust your lighting settings according to your whims. 


Another option to play around with is the Halo Mini Twin unit. The Halo Mini Twin features all the functions of a twin unit, with the benefit of having a single lighting point, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 


Highlight important spaces in your home with the help of the Halo V2.
Designed by Archetype Studio



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