Ushering In A New Era Of Smaller & Sleeker Lights With The New Voli V2

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of interior design, downlights were once merely utilised to fulfil basic illuminating functions, with minimal consideration to aesthetic appeal and design features. Since its debut four years ago, the Voli series has married both function and form, quickly becoming a crowd favourite with the contemporary chicness of its spherical silhouette.

Now, the next edition of this iconic series ready to illuminate our most private spaces. Introducing the Voli V2.

One of the biggest changes in this upgrade is the size of the luminaire. Whilst the original Voli had a 1Voli V2 boasts a reduced diameter of 80mm, preventing visual crowding10mm diameter when recessed, the Voli V2 boasts a smaller 80mm diameter without compromising on lumen output or functions. This ensures that your ceiling or walls don’t look overcrowded, especially when it’s installed in a smaller space like a bedroom or even a pantry. Voli V2 boasts a reduced diameter of 80mm, preventing visual crowding

The new era of the Voli V2 also includes a trimless version of the luminaire. This slight modification will be popular with homeowners who want a sleeker installation of the lights as the surfaces will be flushed smoothly.

The classic features in the original Voli that we’ve become familiar with - think dim-to-warm technology and the ability to tilt and rotate - will also be included in the V2. Similarly, the false ceiling clearance remains the same at 75mm, enabling it to be installed in tight-fitting spaces without making your ceiling shorter than it should be.

If you want to check out the new and improved Voli V2, head down to the new Sol Luminaire showroom along 395 Guillemard Road.