We Reveal the Secret To Perfecting Insta-Worthy Spaces

You hear the term ‘ambience creation’ a lot from your interior designers or on the internet — but what exactly does it entail? 

Creating an ambience can seem like a no-brainer, simply cart out cosy furniture, adopt warm palettes and wooden textures. But you’re missing one important aspect — lighting for mood settings. Luminaires with Dim-to-Warm functions installed with dimmer switches are ideal set up for ambience creation. 


Pictured Above: Buster + Punch Dimmer Switch 3G 


Within AEON's class of luminaires, look out for models equipped with Dim-to-Warm technology. 


They give you the flexibility of Dim-to-Warm planning, from 3000K (warm white) — a soft white glow — to 2000K (sunset feel) that is warm and cosy in appearance; ideal for indoor spaces where you will be in control of your home's ambience.


Missing the warm golden evening hour of the day will be a matter of the past with the addition of a Dimmer, such as Buster + Punch's that's compatible with AEON Dim-to-Warm luminaires.

Restaurant-worthy Dining Counter

Highlight contrasting textures with the aid of sleek adjustable lighting.
Pictured Above: Privy. Designed by ASOLIDPLAN


When your kitchen looks this good, basic light planning just don’t cut it. Kick things up a notch with the ultimate mood making pair, we recommend Buster + Punch’s dimmer switch and Privy, to have the option of creating a lively social gathering setting or a romantic candlelight dinner set-up. 


Minimalist-Scandi Bedroom

The perfect balance between an elegant hotel suite and a cosy bedroom
Pictured Above: Buster + Punch 2G Dimmer Switch in Brass. Image via Buster + Punch


Late-night reads or Zoom meetings — the bedroom is the perfect place for a dimmer switch. Pair it with Isa recessed ceiling lights and exercise total control over your light intensity to get even cosier when brightness levels are dimmed.


Walk-in Cabin-esque Closet 

Set the stage by pairing a dimmer switch with your selected luminaires.
Pictured Above: Buster + Punch Dimmer Switch in Black and Brass. Image via Buster + Punch


Dimmer switches can help to create shadowplay with the right beam angle. Practice your runway walk under the right ambience for your insta-worthy OOTDs.

Retrofuture Salon with a Dramatic Flair

The Globula Chrome Gold serves as a subtle but classy upgrade to any salon.
Pictured Above: Globula Chrome Gold. Designed by LAANK


Take a page out of local interior design firm LAANK’s books, and utilise amphitheatre-style lighting with the Globula Chrome Gold, the luminaire with adjustable beam angles and Dim-to-Warm lighting functions. Come dusk, dim down the lights to 2000K colour temperature for a chill lounge vibe.   


With AEON's offerings, dimmable functions allow you to control lighting brightness to design your personalised ambience experience. To quote Co-Founder Alvin Ng of Fidé Living, “My one lighting recommendation... will be to get lights with dimming capability. It is one aspect I will not overlook as it gives the user greater flexibility in creating the perfect mood for the occasion.” 



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