Your Guide to Moodmaking with Atelier Lumira

There’s a reason why room scents, diffusers, and candles are a popular gift for housewarmings and the likebecause incorporating scents into your interiors serves as the welcoming final touch for any space. 

Besides having a well-decorated space, tapping into other senses like smell, is what elevates your house into a home. By incorporating a full sensory experience into your interiors, you’re able to set the mood and craft a unique ambience according to your preferences.

Atelier Lumira's latest release, Sphera, takes experiencing scent to the next level. 


To aid in this process, Australian luxury scentmaker Atelier Lumira has created new ways to experience scent, with the launch of their new product line, Sphera. Made up of three different parts-- hand-blown glass, lava and Essenza, Sphera provides users with an all new way to experience scent. 

Enjoy Atelier Lumira's fragrances for several months with Sphera. 


Sustainably sourced and naturally-formed lava stones absorb and diffuse the scent of the Essenza, which is formulated from premium essential oils. After enclosing the Sphera for 24 hours to allow the scent to permeate the lava stones, the Sphera will emit its fragrance for months, allowing you to enjoy Atelier Lumira’s classic fragrances, Arabian Oud or Cuban Tobacco.

Atelier Lumira's handwash range, a subtle and personal way to enjoy scent.


Besides this novel way of introducing scent into a space, another method you can adopt is by using fragranced handwash. Scented using fine essential oils, Atelier Lumira’s line of handwashes will leave your hands cleansed, softened, and lightly fragranced, a subtle mood booster after every wash. 

Each scent is inspired by different exotic destinations, allowing you to experience the vibrance and refreshing mood of Italy’s Amalfi Coast with Paradiso Del Sole, or a romantic Balinese getaway with Balinese Ylang Ylang. Imbuing your surroundings with a revitalising boost or a more mellow mood has never been easier.